Port to Seed to support (only) the WebKit version of Epiphany
[ephy-keyword-searches.git] / README.bookmark-shortcuts
1 This Epiphany extension uses the Deskbar's shortcuts for the browser's
2 ``smart bookmarks'', or searches, so that, if you have the Wikipedia
3 search bookmarked, and you have configured Deskbar properly, you can
4 type ``wp foo'' in Epiphany's location bar to go to
5 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search?search=%foo
7 To install, move the .js and .ephy-extension files into
8 ~/.gnome2/epiphany/extensions/ and then, from Epiphany's menu, go to
9 Tools -> Extensions to enable it.
11 You can configure the shortcuts from Epiphany's Edit -> Bookmark
12 Shortcuts menu. Alternatively, right-click on Deskbar's icon, choose
13 Preferences and from the ``Web Searches (Epiphany)'' extension, click
14 the ``More...'' button. That, or just edit Deskbar's list of search
15 shortcuts (it's a text file):
16 ~/.gnome2/deskbar-applet/search-bookmarks-shortcuts.txt
18 Note that this is an Epiphany extension, not a Deskbar extension.
19 Deskbar comes out-of-the-box with this behavior.
21 This extension was originally written by Nigel Tao. It was ported to be
22 a ``Seed'' Javascript extension by Iain Nicol, to get it to work with
23 versions of Epiphany greater than 2.28. However, to avoid crashes when
24 using this extension you should use Epiphany 2.29.3 or later, and Seed
25 2.29.5 or later.